Domed Cemetery / Vigil Memorial Light with Battery Memorial Light - Bundle

  • $159.99

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Domed Memorial Light for Vigil or Cemetery. Created using quality components and heavy-duty construction to ensure years of worry-free use. Our memorial light can hold a 7-day votive candle (sold separately) or light with an optional battery powered candle (sold separately).

Product Features:

  • Shatter Resistant Plastic Lens
  • Drain Holes Integrated to Prevent Water Build Up
  • Gold Anodized Aluminum Construction for Years of Outdoor Use
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Colors: Red, Clear or Blue

Product Dimensions:

  • Assembled Height: 36 1/2” Height
  • Light Fixture: 18” Height x 4” Diameter
  • Spike: 18 1/2” Long

Includes Battery Powered Light:

There are two candle options for the Memorial Lights in our store. A traditional wax candle, or a battery powered candle light. Both are ideal choices to be used to illuminate your Memorial Light.

Our battery powered candle has a light sensor that turns the candle off during the day, and on during the evenings, conserving battery usage. This candle is designed for use with the memorial lights we stock. It can be used with any color cylinder.

Product Features:

  • Durable Plastic Construction
  • Full-On, Flicker and Off Functions

Product Requirements:

  • 2 x D Size Batteries (Not Included)

Product Dimensions:

  • Battery Candle: 6” Height x 3 1/8” Diameter

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